Project 100

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is committed to increasing civic participation in communities to make emphatic, positive differences. How do we do this? One powerful agent of change is exercising our right to vote. Informed voting that equips us to make choices that affect the course that our nation takes is necessary. Voting is D.E.E.P. Voting outcomes define our options and we must define how we engage the church in facilitating better outcomes for our people. Voter education is one vehicle that must be used to equip us to exercise our right and duty to vote while voting in our best interests. Through voter education people are empowered to do what is necessary for positive change while engaging others in the process. We must diligently protect our right to vote. While information is power, voting is the actual catalyst to ignite this power. Therefore, we can conclude that “Voting is D.E.E.P.” --definitive, educational, empowering, and protective.